Victory Starts Today!

A Call to Action - Victory Starts Today!

The West LA Democratic Club held a meeting on January 14th to consider actions that should be taken by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Club in light of the November Presidential Election.

Our goal was simple. Find ways to elect more Democrats! All over the country!  We called the meeting "Victory Starts Today!"

Prior to the meeting, we developed a survey to gauge people's reactions to suggestions about: Why Democrats lost the Presidential ElectionHow the DNC should respond and How local Democratic clubs should respond. The survey also gave respondents an opportunity to add their own answers to each question. (Click the links to view the ranked responses.) 

Following the completion of the survey, the Club held its January 14th meeting. Over 200 people came to discuss the survey and plan for the future. We reviewed our research, and then, using it as a jumping off point, we broke into small groups. The groups were organized around actions essential to victory - Mobilizing, Voter Protection, Publicity and more. Each group focused on its ranked survey results and added suggestions for the DNC and for actions to take locally.

Group Leaders report results at February 12th "Victory Starts Today" meeting

Our final results, including survey recommendations and the action groups' additional suggestions, were presented to the California Delegation of the DNC on February 12th. (Click HERE to see our report.)

If you have questions about the Victory Starts Today meeting or the survey and its results, please contact Marc Saltzberg.

The following groups have been meeting to continue the work of Victory Starts Today. These groups are open to anyone, from any organization, who has an interest in helping us reach our goal: Elect Democrats! All over the country!

Signup for an Action Group! Click a link below and join us! 

  • Elections Members help with election oriented activities such as phone banks, canvassing and voter registration. Current project is flipping CD25... Virginia State Delegate election project starts soon
  • Mobilizing / Volunteer Recruitment Focuses on increasing our numbers through activities, meetings, voter registration, candidate recruitment
  • Publicity Creates educational, recruitment and motivational materials and distributes to the internet, press and other media for volunteers and voters
  • Research Provides information from news sources, press releases and other sources for VST action groups and the public
  • Training & Education Arranges training for activists to make them more effective
  • Voter Protection Supports voting rights, working to end voter suppression while providing information necessary for free and fair elections

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